Fusion model

Fusion model

Manufactured in hot galvanized metal through zinc immersion to guarantee long-lasting protection against rusting or other corrosive elements.

Its Hybrid design with rocking and finger protectors on the sides protect the suckling pigs from squashing when the sow stands up or lies down and help the sow to sit up slowly causing less stress.

The design of the arched door and in "U" shape contemplates two positions that allow us to invert it to reduce the length of the farrowing crate and, therefore, immobilize and facilitate the work of the farmer and/or vet preventing the animal's movement to the utmost as well as facilitating access inside.

Various width positions at both the front and the back.

L: 2300 mm

W: 600 - 700 mm (adjustable)

H: 1000 mm

*Other measures available.

*Approximate sizes.

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