Heating panel for weaning

Motor tubular SERIE MTM

Heating plate suitable for nursery rooms.

Designed with a slightly curved surface to prevent fluid accumulation.

It may radiate heat by water or electricity.


  • 1200 x 400 mm hot water.
  • 1200 x 400 mm electrical resistance.
  • 1200 x 500 mm hot water.
  • 1200 x 500 mm electrical resistance.


  • All the models in this series are manufactured in concrete-polymer, a material that is not an electricity conductor, refractory and greatly resistant to bending.
  • The panels are manufactured with insulation suitable to prevent heat loss from the bottom.


  • It radiates heat from upper surface where the piglets are at a comfortable temperature achieving temperatures between 24 and 38°.
  • It ensures resistance to the mother's great weight.
  • It prevents undue piglet slipping and guarantees its optimal stability thanks to grooved surface with relief.
  • Its fine texture facilitates cleaning preventing animal excrement from solidifying on the panel.


Through electrical resistance:
  • The electrical resistance of the panel is covered with silicone insulation with a standard power of 170 W, 230 V and ø 3.23 x 7000 mm.
  • Made up of two flexible copper wires, individually insulated and covered with a layer of PVC.
  • The wire conductor is covered by a flexible insulating tube of IP 67 ø16 mm.
Through hot water:
  • The interior water circuit is built with cross-linked polyethylene coil of ø16 x 1.8 mm that ensures a maximum working temperature of up to 95° and a maximum pressure of 4 bars.
  • With an approximate flow of 172 l/h at a speed of 0.4 m/s.
  • The line connection can be found at the back and it is made up of 1 outlet and one inlet with 1/2" thread.

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